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Jo Ann Gruber


She has been quilting for over 30 years.  She purchased her first longarm quilting machine after leaving a career in the corporate world and started quilting professionally eighteen (18) years ago. A few years later she added a Statler to her studio, became a Certified Statler Instructor, and a sales representative for Gammill.


In 2012, Jo Ann and her husband, John, became the Independent Authorized Dealer for Gammill Quilting Systems serving the state of Alaska.  They closed their dealership in 2018, but they continue to support their customers whenever possible. 


She teaches quilting at local area shops and offers various longarm-specific quilting classes and Creative Studio training in her studio.  Jo Ann is a Certified Statler Professional.

Jo Ann Gruber

John Gruber


As a member of the United States Air Force, John was stationed at Elmendorf AFB in 1968 where he fell in love with Alaska and spent four years traveling throughout the state working at various remote radar stations.  When his enlistment was up, he went to work at the Federal Aviation Administration where he retired after a 37-year career working in their engineering and maintenance division.


He does some quilting and enjoys making small wall hangings that are donated to the local Friends of Pets organization for their yearly auction.


John also enjoys woodworking and has taken up woodturning in the past few years.  An avid bicyclist, John has biked in many of our 50 states.  In 1998, he biked across the country (Seattle to Washington DC) raising funds for the American Lung Association.


Seven years ago he took up fat tire bike winter riding enjoying the great Alaskan outdoors year round. Although a fan of Brooks Saddles, none of John’s bikes sport a Brooks.

John Gruber
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