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Photographing Quilts

by Jo Ann Gruber

I am not a professional photographer, but I am convinced that just about anyone can take decent pictures of their own quilts.  You spend many hours creating your quilts.  It doesn’t matter if it is a gift for your family, a donation quilt for charity or a work of art that you plan to enter into a show.  It may soon be gone, so many of us would like to have a photograph of it to include with our documentation. 


Any photographs that you take are certainly good enough for documenting your quilts and/or sharing them on social media. In most cases, you can take quality photographs to use to enter quilt competitions. Personally, I’ve only had one of my quilts professionally photographed; and that was one that was included in Debbie Caffrey’s “Blocks and Quilts Everywhere!” book. So, there is certainly a time and place for the professional photographer; but the tips I’d like to share with you are ones that you can use to take reasonably good photos of your own quilts.


Here is a PDF document containing those tips that I think may help you get great pictures of your quilts:

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