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Elevate by Gammill

The Elevate is Gammill's new computerized quilting system.  It allows you to quickly place, edit, and quilt edge-to-edge designs and block patterns with an easy-to-use tablet.  With a few taps of a finger, you'll be able to quilt perfect patterns.  The system comes with more than 500 free patterns, and you can shop the Gammill Pattern Cloud for new patterns.  You'll be able to use Gammill's Creative Studio 7.0 software to edit individual patterns.

Features of the Elevate by Gammill

  • Edge-to-Edge Quilting

  • Block Patterns

  • Create/Mark Boundaries

  • Reposition

  • Resize

  • Nudge

  • Auto Fit

  • Rotate

  • Delete

  • Flip

  • Import

  • Repeat Patterns

  • Increase/Decrease Repeats

  • Pattern Tags

  • Thread Break Tracking

  • Variable Speed Control

  • Zoom

  • Motion Control Software


What machines will work with an Elevate?

The Elevate can be installed on any Gammill Vision, Vision 2.0 and most Plus (stitch-regulated) machines.  The one exception is the Premier Plus (18").  Our engineers are working on an Elevate unit for the Premier Plus, and they hope to have it available soon.  The Elevate can be installed on a Vision 18-8 or a Vision 2.0 18-8.

What is included with the Elevate?

The Elevate includes computerization mechanics for motion control, tablet, software, 500+ free patterns, and integrated pattern management.

How is the Elevate different from a Statler?

The Elevate allows you to easily place and quilt block and edge-to-edge designs from the convenient tablet.  The Statler and its Creative Studio software offer a multitude of tools for customizing and creating patterns.  Additional functions on a Statler include trims, fills, order join, border corners, circular arrays, nodes and much more that offer you limitless design and stitching capabilities.

Please contact us today to schedule a time for you to stop by and test drive a Statler by Gammill® or one of the other Vision 2.0 hand-guided models that we have in the studio.  We welcome any questions that you may have, too.

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